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Columbus Beneficiary Rights Lawyer

A fiduciary, executor or trustee has a legal duty to any beneficiaries of the estate, to act within their best interests. If you are a beneficiary of a will or trust, and believe that the executor is not fulfilling his or her legal duty, then you may have a claim against him or her.

At Bale & Associates, we have experience and skills in representing parties in a fiduciary, executor or trustee claim. Whether you believe you have been wrongfully accused as an executor for breaching your fiduciary duty or you are the beneficiary contesting the actions of the fiduciary, we can provide high quality legal representation for you. Our goal is for the true intentions of the deceased to be properly carried out.

To speak with an experienced Columbus beneficiary rights lawyer, please contact our law office in Westerville, Ohio, to discuss your claim.

Wrongfully Accused Fiduciaries

As the executor, trustee or fiduciary of an estate, you are doing your best to keep the intentions of the deceased as close and accurate as possible. However, you may receive backlash or even a breach of fiduciary duty claim against you by any beneficiaries. At Bale & Associates, we are advocates for fiduciaries in will contests or any other disputes involving estate planning issues.

Will Contests and Securing Your Interest

If you are the beneficiary of a will or trust, you deserve your rightful share. Sometimes, this doesn't happen due to the inadequacy and mishandling of the estate by a fiduciary. If you are involved in a will contest or beneficiary dispute we can help. There may have been undue influence involved or an improper distribution of the estate. Regardless of the reason, we will seek your rightful share.

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Bale & Associates is located in the city of Westerville near Columbus. To speak with a Columbus beneficiary rights attorney at our firm, call 614-895-5600, or contact us by e-mail.